L’aventure francais has begun. My journey to La Rochelle was uneventful once I reached Gatwick airport. The timetable I had for trains from Southampton to Gatwick was lying! You cannot change at Waterloo!! Luckily though I had plenty of time and booked in satisfactorially. Waht followed, was a long wait, but noat at all due to delays.

Once on the plain the journey took forty (oui, quarante!) minutes and we were landing at Charles des Gaule airport – which was in reality, an adventure in itself…

I had been warned about the ‘goldfish bowl’ appearance of the airport, and it certainly was exactly that – but surprisingly not that hard to find your way around. The escallators themselves were an excellent idea, having a ‘rolling ramp’ was a stroke of genius. and what’s more every thing seemed to flow from one thing to the next.

However in retrospect I find that I would have been better advised to stay long at CDG and go to the train later, as what I saw of Paris Montparnasse was a true concrete dump.

All things are witht it in the end though, and I was very impressed with the TGV. It is so solient, and so fast. It takes your breath away. It is almost eery how fast and silent it is.

Then arriving at 22:15 at Lar Rochelle Ville, being met by Blondine and Julien completes the picture that I have come for an adventure to learn French by whatever means I can.