I don’t know why, but after installing Pepper’s new cat flap in the front door (which to date he has used only once – when being shown how it worked from outside he used it to escape back into the safe indoors), I caught some sort of spring/DIY disease (could have been to do with the sunny weather and not wanting to sit inside on the computer…)

Anyway I popped out to Homebase purchased some paint (Dulux Pharaoh Gold) and proceeded in painting my bedroom and thus eliminating the jade coloured paint that I have lived with for two years and never really liked. I’ll post some photos shortly but basically it has been a fiddly job. To say I have a lot of stuff is one thing (and something that I really must get on top of) and to paint this room has involved moving bits of furniture in turn, giving the wall two coats (one is not enough to vanquish over horrid jade!) and replace the furniture before moving onto the next bit.

I’m taking a rest now, because:
a) I’ve run out of paint
b) I’ve got to do behind the wardrobe and my computer desk cum bookshelf thing
c) it’s ten minutes to 6 and quite honestly enough is enough!!