Refreshed after a very good swim this evening, not only give it those muscles something to think about but it gave me time to think. It’s been on my mind for a few days now just what good images there were in the Blood & Fire story – the whole Icelandic setting and the sister getting lost in the mountains, then coming out days after all have given up hope – the links between the brother’s scientific research and the reality of what really happened to his sister…

There are some strong images and plotlines in their which I really want to develop. There are some strong images in Flyht, but I’m generally not happy with the way it’s going – that is to say I know how I want the story to go but it’s just not going there. I think – especially considering – it’s a “finished” piece that it might be time to put it aside, let it rest, work on something new and succeed with that. Then, if Flyht is still tugging at my creativity I can look back at it and fix it where it’s wrong.

Right then! So I have Ben sorted – a scientist, climate change/geography/geology – he’s doing some research on Climatic Affects on Tourism – and Helen, she’s more willful, outdoorsy – the Icelandic cousin – yup she’s the link between the two siblings but what’s the Icelandic background? I have the setting – I just need the myth – the legend –

– the saga!