Odin – a god, but by other names Boverk (Evil-doer), Gangleri (walk-weery), Harbard (grey-beard), Helblindi (hel blind), Svipal (changeable), Sidhotd (long-hood), Vak (wakeful), Ygg (terrible) – I like Gangleri as the name for the twenty-first century counterpart of my “Stranger/Emrys” type of character – a god in human form walking the lands.

Bifrost (the shaking-road) – a bridge between earth and heaven – basically a rainbow it’s part of our world when the rain an sun are in the world together.

Tree of life – an ash – not one leaf falls whilst the world endures.

So… researchers/scientists are trying to reach heaven and they have identified the Bifrost as the means of doing this. They have established a way of locking onto the bridge and reaching it – something which scholars have previously only dreamed of doing.

In affecting the Bifrost the tree of life is damaged and the world begins to come undone.

I then have two stories:
a) Helen is lost in the mountains – she survives against the odds.
b) The scientists breach the Bifrost and the Tree of life begins to loose it’s leaves.

The time scale of the former puts our characters (Helen, Ben and Urður) in the highlands at the same time as the latter – and they encounter Gangleri…