Saw this on rachel2205‘s journal, and thought that I just had share…

I will expect a great deal of you but hope to give the same amount back.
I will be disappointed if you don’t do what I think is your best.
I will be very bad at apologising.
I will not always realise when I hurt you, but I will be infuriated if you do the same.
I will try my absolute best never to do anything to upset you, but sometimes I will fail.
I will never criticise you as much as I do myself.
I will do my best to sparkle regardless of how I’m feeling to ensure you have a good time.
I will try to always be there for you, but sometimes I’ll make mistakes.
I will want the best for you.
I will think about you a great deal and worry about your problems.
I will be hurt if you seem thoughtless.
I will not always want to see you. Don’t take it personally.
I will love you if you let me. Or even sometimes if you don’t.
I will value your happiness above my own.
I will be judgemental although I try not to be.
I will be honest with you at all times.
I will always treat you as a VIP.
I will always think of you as one, too.