…okay, so it’s not. There’s nothing I would like better than to sit down with a steaming cup of hot chocolate, a the ball of fresh ice cream circling on the surface slowly melting in swirls of delicious creaminess, firing up my swish laptop in a good coffee shop situated in an agreeable location and put down my words into kilobytes. Unfortunately, back in the real world, if I want to put my words down into kilobytes I need go up into my bedroom, sit at the desk in the corner and tap away into the hulking great desktop. So unless anyone has a spare laptop that they would prefer didn’t gather dust in the bottom of some forgotten cupboard, it’s back to the ultimate of portable information devices – the pen an paper.

Not that I object to putting my creative process down in pen and ink first – there’s something I find incredably satisfying about picking up 250 pages of (5mm squared Clairefontaine looseleaf) paper fastens together with clips and scrawled over in my recognisable hand. I’m not sure what, but it just feels right. And it’s weird. My Mum writes too, but strangely she finds she can only write straight into the laptop. Maybe it’s the laptop v. desktop conundrum…? It could be. Maybe pen and ink feels more right because it’s the way I’ve always done it (first because there wasn’t a computer alternative, and more latterly because the computer alternative wasn’t portable) and that when I upgrade (because upgrade I will, eventually), a laptop will win and it will become natural

There’s still alot of satisfaction to be had from holding up your half ream of printed manuscript – especially when it becomes well thumbed, a touch dog-eared and scrawled over in pencil by a variety of trusted hands…!