I’ll try and make it two pages tonight (those words are really coming now). I phoned my aunt in Iceland tonight – apart from the whole wishing easter happiness to the family, it did have a serious point of checking a few details:

1. National Newspapers? Three. 2 morning and 1 evening, but only one that everyone reads.
2. Reykjavik Geography? The sun does rise over the town if you’re stood down by the harbour by that viking ship sculpture.
3. Cathedral? Locked at night. Shame that. No midnight spiritual moments there then – will have to stick to that viking ship…
4. People Lost each season? About a dozen maybe (of which 3 or 4 are fatal. Much what I thought (and hoped) means Helen only has a 1in4 chance of dieing. (bit grim this particular question but it has to be asked – for the sake of art)
5. TV Stations? Five. The pop station is called PoppTV (yes, three p’s there!), but I where the other two were ‘cos we never found them. Then again we weren’t looking very hard.

Right, better get back to it if I want to write that remaining half page!