Mum and Dad came to visit this week, along with Sam – which was interesting – Pepper quickly informed the poor dog who was boss with a fine display of arched-back, hissing and growling. I think Sam took an immediate decision that, no – it’s alright, you’re da boss, I can see that … but they settled down together alright eventually.

We walked in Stoke Woods and enjoyed the blue great expanses of bluebells – I do like bluebells 🙂 …and partaked in typical bank holiday activities. The windows needed a coat of paint, and can’t really go up ladders (‘cos of my epilepsy) so whilst my Dad went round and sloshed on sadolin, Mum and me worked to get the front garden. Whilst Mum weeded out around the rhubarb and the bluebells, I finished removing the front path and replanting this years christmas tree as a deterant to the postman…

…all I have to do now is dig in those bags of compost and I’m ready to plant my peas, beans and tomatoes!

And then by way of a coda today we ripped up the bathroom carpets (who thinks carpets in bathrooms and kitchens is a good idea I just don’t know!) and layed a lovely new cork floor in there! 🙂

(now that bit of a wallpaper has got my attention, you know ther bit in the lounge, which is just starting to peel off…)