A conversation tonight with my Icelandic cousin, Elva Brá – studying in England at the moment:

Thomas says: …but then I shall write more to my novel
Thomas says: I’ve been doing quite well recently…
Elva says: Hmmmm, not sure I know what you’re talking about, but it sounds complicated!!
Elva says: I see
Elva says: So when are you publishing???
Thomas says: I’ve changed the name of one of my characters. Gerður Baldursdóttir is now called Hanna Katla Baldursdóttir
Thomas says: Ah? That’s the million dollar question…??
Elva says: Where do you find these names?
Thomas says: Hanna Katla was actually one of the rangers in the national park last year – and I liked the sound of it. It sounds brighter to the English ear than Gerður…
Elva says: Yes it does!
Elva says: So why Icelanders….?
Thomas says: I want to set the story in Iceland and have trolls and elves and volcanos and hot pools and hot dogs at Holmatungar…?!!
Elva says: Coool!
Elva says: So you like the Icelandic hot dogs?
Thomas says: There’s nothing better on a cold night in the middle of a National Park than nipping down the local (filling station) for a round of hot dogs … and it’s cheaper than beer!
Elva says: I know what you mean!!
Elva says: Will you be visiting Iceland again?
Thomas says: And then there’s the cup of SwissMiss with marshmallows and a nip of brandy…
Elva says: Hmmm, that sound really good!