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Helen Ármannsson, aged: 21
parents: Guðni and Heather Ármannsson
siblings: Benjamin (Ben): younger.
She has finished her final year at university, and is awaiting her results; degree was in History/humanities; she isn’t sure what she wants to do as a career; concerned more with her desire for an outdoors life; her main interests are in hill walking, climbing and trekking.

Ben Ármannsson, aged: 20
parents: Guðni and Heather Ármannsson
siblings: Helen: older.
Second year student, he is studying Physical Geography, Environmental StudiesClimate Geography and Tourism; a scientist at heart, he is logically minded; Ben dismisses trolls/elves as fairytale creatures.

Hanna Katla Baldursdóttir, aged: 21
parents: Baldur Aðalsteinsson and Eyrún Ármannsdóttir
cousins: Helen and Benjamin Ármannsson.
Second year student in arts/literature subject; she is bookish and intelligent; an intellectual; like many Icelanders she believes in the existence of trolls and elves.