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Yayy! (I’m saying that alot these days – maybe that’s my new catchphrase – cue veeb you’ll remember and know what I mean!) …a good portion of story written today. Ben has been developing and formulating his research to such an extent that he’s all but forgotten his sister’s fate (Ben, how could you?!!) – and we have a lovely little cut away to a tourist down in Reykjavik old town – nothing to do with the story in itself but it does bring Helen’s tale back into focus.

And then there’s Hanna Katla, she’s at work again, but is writing songs when she should be doing bookings for summer camp. I don’t know what the words are yet, but you can bet it’s theme surrounds what’s happening to the family at the moment, and will be her way of coping. I have a bit more of Ben: the shocking truth of his forgetfulnes! Will the mobile ever be the same again after he drops it?

But the inspired choice for tonight, upon cutting away for a bit of Finnur (rough round the edges, deeply handsome guide…) doing the old search party bit, is to bring in a hint of the magicks to follow. Just what is the truth about that alluminum plant that they are building in the highlands…

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