Bit peeved to find this morning that my Írafár CD still hadn’t arrived – I should have ordered it from skífan and not randburg.

I went into Oxford briefly to buy cheese from the excellent cheese shop there, and a few books from Blackwells: The Orchid Thief by Susan Orlean (so that I can read it ready for when the DVD of Adaptation comes out since I seemed to have missed it in the cinema), the Lonely Planet guide to Iceland (for research purposes), and a teach yourself languages set – Colloquial Icelandic – for some mad reason, possibly brought about by one of the following:

  • two great holidays in Iceland
  • falling in love with the country
  • writing my novel
  • an interest in language

I’ve decided that I would like to try and learn Icelandic. I’m probably being mad, and crazy, but I would like to give it a go!

I also popped into the 3jay artweeks exhibition (veeb, why was your work not switched on?). There were some interesting pieces on display, including some which I particularly liked: three pieces by Sushil Manaonkar, Growth, Relaxing and Death (the latter in a disturbing kind of way), Andrew Senior’s Cairn of Stones and Warnings of Gales.

It’s a good job I did go see it when I did, ‘cos as I was walking back past the the rooms the artists were dismantling and taking away the work…