No. Don’t worry, I’m not about to make an asault on the next eurovision competition … I’m just trying to get inside the creative head of Hanna Katla and write some of the lyrics that she is to write in Blood & Fire. And it’s not easy. Poetry is one of those things that I’ve sometimes been able to do very successfully, but it’s very much the stuff of *chance inspiration* – 500 steps up a tower, alone with views across a medieval french town, or stuck waiting for the local PMT bus service on a street corner in the middle of a Cheshire field – and I’m even worse at songwriting.

Tell me of your feelings,
Listen to your grief/dreams
When you are lost
When you are searching
Remember where you’re from.

What is it about songwriting? that some folks can do it, and some folks can’t?! I just find it, very, very hard…