Busy, busy, busy today … finish work. Go to Post Office in Cowley Centre to hand over much money for car tax (at least I come in the low emissions category – my car that is – not me?!!). Drop by Peacocks to get new supply of T-shirts ready for unleashing on those woodland meadows in Estonia. Pop into Tesco’s to top up on a few essentials (realise how much I don’t like Tesco’s – bad stock – bad arrangement – useless staff – although I was fortunate enough to get one of the few polite, efficient cashiers – should’ve really nominated her for a payrise!). Come home, catch up the flood of correspondence from my last post, chat with soulsong for a bit on IM. Put gooseberries on stove for jam, and potatoes on for dinner. Chat some more with Tess. Eat supper, watch jam, wash up.

And then…

Have just written the connecting scene in Blood & Fire where Hanna and Ben get a lift back to Hólar with Bjäkk. Next comes a longer scene(s) where we find out a bit more of the science, and we see some of the ghosts of Helen’s recent visit, and chance on what might be about to happen.

…just have to write it!