Following on from the rather disturbing dream that torpidity outlined here, I mentioned how use my dreams to start me off on a good many (though not all) of my stories. Also, these dreams tend to take the form of serials

You know the kind of thing, summer holiday mornings childrens’ tv of the late 70’s and early 80’s – drama series from Australia and the US (or indeed drama of the present day ranging from those with big budgets and high production values to the ones that can only really fall into the category brilliantly naff) – well I get dreams like that. And what’s particularly good about them is that they come with opening titles and a catchy theme-song, a thrilling plot of imagination and ingenuity and of course conclude with the immortal words:

To Be Continued…

What’s even more amazing (other than that they do kind of make sense and follow a story) is that I can remember, recount them into the pages of my notebook (or I guess now, my LiveJournal), and think about where I left off as I lie in my bed the following night (or week – depending on my whim) and the next episode is screened, bang on schedule.

I think this might be quite unusual dream behaviour, so I’d be interested if anyone else has/does experience this kind of dreaming…? Or am alone in the world of serial dreams?