Well I’m all packed and ready for The Estonian Adventure #150; this may well be my last post for July and for a couple of weeks – but fear not, tales of my adventures will follow on these pages later in August.

Whilst I’m away, I have some novel plots and characters to consider – some interesting points that arose from a chat with soulsong last night

Thomas: I have Ben and Hanna taking a dip and there are some others splashing around at the far end – they hear Helen and co laughing and joking, and when they turn to look – it is Helen and co there…
Thomas: Like the images and juxtaposed scenes have really come together now.
Thomas: it’s not really them of course – just ghosts and echos of what once was taking the place of the complete strangers who are there now…
Tess: ah. that sounds like a really interesting scene to write
Tess: i love imagery like that
Thomas: interesting yes – but difficult
Tess: why difficult?
Tess: what do they see? what does it sound like, what’s their first reaction, how does it make them feel? what’s the rational response, does it supercede the emotional response? how does the occurrence end, how do they feel after it ends etc etc etc

So some food for thought there… and I just have to really get to know Helen! I know Hanna, and I know Ben – but Helen? She’s still a bit of enigma…