Hay Making and Rides in the Mobile Sauna

Day 4. 30 July 2003

Wednesday. Our thirty-seater German school bus arrives shortly after 9.15 to take us to the farm and to our first day of work. It is after barely 5 minutes when Tim rewards us with the first mention of his his leadership experience. The Crazy Gang, seated in window seats down the length bus on the opposite side let out a mexican wave of laughter, scoring the first point in the air. Our outburst is noted, but no one has a clue what it’s all about – least of all Tim…

Once at the farm, we change vehicles for the truck, the car and the van. In the relative cool of morning, the heat within the mobile sauna is not as intense as it was yesterday. On route down the bumpy track, as we all take photos of the van interior for our records, Tim slips in Leader Remark, number two.

Upon our arrival at the hay meadow we layer up with suntan lotion and insect repellent, practice our swatting skills and listen to Tom’s tool talk. We divide into groups, and embark on raking and forking of hay and reads, ready for the bailer. The morning drifts along punctuated with frequent breaks to gulp down water, re-apply insect repellent and suncream. I chat with Paul about this that – and we realise during a break for photos that the farmers car is actually (parked, doors open in the middle of a hay meadow) Mr Weasley’s flying car from Harry Potter 2. Tom reveals that he’s guessed there’s some wager up, so I admit the Crazy Gang’s competition after first swearing all in earshot to secracy.

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