( Alice – see Adventures in Estonia – hijacked my computer to post this )

help!!! am trapped in house in bicester with two members of crazy gang. have got copies of our photos – an impressive 560 in total!! and not all of them feature people’s bums. very civilised meal provided by thomas – yes potatoes were involved – no soup i’m afraid, but healthy salad with GREEN things. honey liqueur is excellent topping for pancakes – by the way vicki, recipe for scotch pancakes is NOT the same as ordinary ones!! – put thomas’s griddle to good use (weighs 20kg if you were wondering why his baggage was so excessive).

warning! if you thought the journey with 4 in a Ka was going to be interesting, you are not to be disappointed. musical accompaniment courtesy of first LP ever bought by thomas (age 5) – bring your best singing voice, estonian lyrics available on request…

no, have not been on the Van Halen, but could sure do with some…

see you at house-warming!

lots of love,