Bathing in the Baltic and al fresco dining

Day 6. 1 August 2003

Friday. “Pinch, punch, the first of the month, and no return.”

Steve, Vicky and myself are woken at the breakfast table from our weery state of semi-conciousness by Jane’s cheery greeting. Oh yeah, it’s the 1 August – and it’s Friday. Our last (half-)day of work. This day we have been promised swimming in the Baltic after work (but before our return home to Sutu) and so in addition to our supplies of cameras, film, water, suntan lotion and insect repellent, we board the bus today with swimming cozzies, towels and changes of clothes. At the farm these last items are transferred to the bench outside our lunch table whilst we go out to the woods to work.

This time Paul, Steve, and myself linger back to finish tidying Team A’s woodland clearing of yesterday, whilst the rest of the group move on to further build Tim’s pyre. As we work forwards though, Tim, Tom, Annika and Jane are working back towards us and soon Jane has rejoined the fold to stack branches on our pile (as this is closest to where she’s working).

Shortly after, in a revenge attack (or is it the Curse of the Sacred Tooth??) a tree fights back, mistaking me for Tim, and draws blood at my inner elbow. I don’t consider it to be too serious, but concerned not to have it infected by woodland dirt I seek a first aid kit. In the end it takes three first aiders (Tom, Annika and myself) to bandage up the wound (a bit from this kit, a bit from that), but I think this is largely because we haven’t needed first aid all week and it seems a shame to miss out on the opportunity. I return to work with an impress looking bandage round my arm.

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