Emotional Farewells and Fond Memories

Day 11. 6 August 2003

Wednesday. Bed at 2am, I wake at 8 after an interruption at 6 when Shaun leaves without so much as a goodbye leaving his lunchbox behind for us to remember him by… I’m awake now, so I get up despite still feeling a tad sleepy. When I descend upon breakfast Tim is already there. He’s off to the Russian quarter of Tallinn this morning in search of Soviet memorabilia. We reflect that both Shaun and Hannah have now departed, one for Finland, one for Yorkshire (via Copenhagen). Now we are eleven.

During breakfast Tim, records that Ele and Karin had asked last night if anyone had come on the holiday together (apart from the obvious two couples) — because they thought Tom and Alice had. He tells me that he noticed what was later to emerge between them on the first day in Saaremaa: it was at the old fort and Ester was telling us about how it was built to defend Saaremaa and its people from invasion, but how in the end living with the enemy just seemed easier, that Alice was listening to what Ester was telling us, but that all the time her feet were turned towards Tom. This is (allegedly) a tell tale sign of *interest*.

When Alice surfaces, Tim offers to show her Shaun’s lunchbox…

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