Well Van Halen it definitely isn’t! My curiousity finally got the better of me and I logged on and ordered the Vanilla Ninja album.

Let me explain. Upon arrival in Estonia at the end of July, they had copies of Tallinn Magazine to pick up at the airport. So I did. On the cover, and in a feature inside they had this story all about this band – Vanilla Ninja – who were (apparently) taking the country by storm. I was intrigrigued. Remembering how I fell lucky when I ordered the Írafár album *blind* from Iceland, and it turning out really good, I decide to tempt fate and order this one. It’s not immediately straight-forward as I have to fax my order across, but it arrives on Friday, I take it home, and slam it on the cd player.

It’s rock-pop, or pop-rock (I’m not sure which to put first) and I’m not sure if it’s immediately my kind of music, but I’ve spent this much effort on getting it so I give it a chance. It’s actually not half bad. It’ll be good *write to* music, which is good, ‘cos I don’t want to overplay Irafar and Sigur-Ros.