Pages: 72
Paragraphs: 601
Lines: 1,871
Words: 19,502

…and so the novel takes shape. Helen is found.

A bus pulls up in the deserted forecourt of an isolated service station on the outskirts of town. Beyond, is the looming shadow of Krafla. Passengers disembark for a forty minute stop, including Ben and Hanna eager to stretch their legs. Like everyone, they head across the forecourt to the burger bar with its offerings of cheap hot dogs and fizzy drinks.

Ben heads for a table whilst Hanna queues for food. After about a five minute wait she crosses the American-style interior to join Ben. As she approaches him, she notices also the girl seated, her back to the room, at a table further to the rear of the diner. Hanna is curious, and suspecting. She lays down the tray in front of Ben, continuing on across the room, curiosity losing out to trepidation at the final approach.

“Helen?” Hanna’s enquiry is direct and too the point. Ben watches from across the room. The girl turns, pushing her unwashed mousy-hair, back behind her ears. Helen look up into her cousin’s eyes.

And so to Chapter Two: Stranger In The Hills — the story of Chapter One as Helen tells it. More magick. More trolls. More mystery. I just can’t wait!