Listened to this on BBC Radio 4’s Front Row programme on Thursday…

Maggi Hambling’s giant shell sculpture, built to honour Composer Benjamin Britten, is now installed on Aldeburgh beach in Suffolk where Britten used to live. John Wilson went to find out what the local community thinks of it. Maggi Hambling’s giant scallop shell sculpture will be unveiled by the former Culture Secretary Chris Smith at noon this Saturday.

Listening to this, John Wilson was talking with one of the locals in a pub on the seafront (I think he might have been a fisherman). Asked about whether they like the sculpture. The man said not. He said that they didn’t really like Benjamin Britten – what with him being from Norfolk.

“Wasn’t Britten from Lowestoft?” John Wilson asked the man, obviously confused.

“Yeah – maybe you’re right?”

“Isn’t that Suffolk too?” John Wilson clarifies.

To which the fisherman replies, bluntly, “Depends which side f the river you’re from.”

How very true!! All of Lowestoft is in Sulfolk, it’s the little bit that sticks up into Norfolk, but there really is a north and the south of the river divide. There really is…

At leas I’m okay. I lived south of the river. *grins*