I must remember to take more pictures of the sunset from my bedroom window…


Decided to mooch around Oxford today as it was a grey (and subsequently) wet November Sunday. Picked up a couple of books for my Mum in Blackwells (one from upstairs, and one from down) before, fired with the idea of doing more atwork and drawing, heading back to Scriptum where I had been a few days earlier with lekythen to purchase a dipping pen and a couple of nibs and some ink. Expertly advised by the purveyor of fine merchandise – it transpires that she draws and writes herself and seemed to be excited that someone else was going to use the pens for drawing, and not just for writing – I bought my goods.

I then headed off down to the Museum of Modern Art (at last! after some eight years of being in Oxford) where I saw an interesting if curious exhibition of audio-visual installations, and bumped into Colin and Sonia from work in a room disturbingly pained with a black and white striped floor that messed with my mind!

I then headed off to the Ashmolean to indulge my illustrative art side with an exhibition of drawings from Florence. And, whilst walking back through town and across the university parks I took the following set of pictures…