Thanks to soulsong, for pointing me in the direction of this gem

Hrrm… looks a lot like East Anglia, except perhaps a little browner. No, in all seriousness, ’tis a facinating photograph of Mars – if Mars it turns out to be. To be honest, it looks a lot like where I worked in Iceland, just to the west side of Dettifoss – I think my path might be just off camera to the right there.

Surely Nasa wouldn’t try that trick again, would they? and surely not in the same location … I mean we weren’t convinced last time round when they say they landed on the moon. Of course if they have gone for that trick again, then it would explain what’s happened to the poor Beagle – the Brits made the crucial error of actually attempting to land a probe on Mars instead of only pretending to…

…suddenly it all makes sense!