…such has been my swimming technique: take a deep breath, plunge my head under and swim for 3 or 4 strokes, come up for air, and start again. It got me up and down thirty or forty lengths but it was far from the most elegant.

I don’t know, probably because I’ve known for more than a decade that my technique has been wanting, but today I looked about more, observing the technique of people doing breast stroke properly. I tried taking more breaths, keeping my head up(-ish) and breathing after 1 or 2 strokes, and crucially keeping my rhythm going rather than stopping each time. It was in a curious way both hard work and easier. On the one hand I was able to turn at the deep end faster, on the other I began to feel muscles I hadn’t felt before — I think perhaps I should have been.

I feel good. I feel exercised. I feel like I’ve been swimming. I’m sure it’s done me good.