Why do I have these thoughts in the dim light of morning? Am I eccentric or just plain weird? Today whilst driving in though the country roads between Bicester and Oxford, past villages like Merton and Ottmoor and Islip, the thought of headlights came to mind…

…this quickly led on the early days of headlights and the introduction of lamps to horse drawn carriages. For some reason this made me wonder: if the internal combustion engine had never been invented and we had continued to use horse and carts and open and closed carriages, and that the use of these had escalated (and here, you understand I was placing this in the context of all other developments in our country and culture as the same – something which is, I know, utterly rediculous) – would the increased volume of *traffic* on lanes and thoroughfares have demanded *lane-widening* schemes?

What would the country look like with multi-lane cart trracks scarring up the landscape so that you can big, strong, powerful carthorses plodding along in the slow lane whilst nifty mailcoaches storm ahead overtaken only by young rich gentleman in sports charriots?

An intriguing vision of the world? …still a weird thought though!