16:15 hours: Nothing to report, bunch of folk leave to go home (I’m working a bit late because of 2 hour lunch to celebrate Kim’s birthday)
16:40 hours: Global company email: “For those travelling further a field tonight we have had reports of snow blizzards north of Bicester, heading this way.” Decide to go home, begin to gather my things, and shut down computer.
16:45 hours: Leave building in blizzard conditions and close to an inch of snow. Bbrrrrr!!!

Absolute white out, fast thinking – what do I do driving in snow – drive slow, high gear – yeah, but how do I get up the sliproad to perfect white ringroad?!! Very pretty, but very heavy. An hour and three-quarters later and I finally slither and slide in to my parking space, and arrive to a nice warm, cozy house.