The You in these thoughts is the collective You. You is anyone who’s ever had dreams and ambitions…

Is it wrong to be ambitious? No. Where would the world be without ambition? I’m always amazed when I find people (and there are lots of them) who don’t have ambitions, dreams and aspirations. I can’t imagine my life without them.

Wrong to believe that one has talent? Again, no. If you don’t believe, no one is going to believe for you. However, it’s important to realise that you may not have your voice that will show your talent, worse still you might never find that voice – that’s the bit you have to learn – for some it comes easier than others.

Wrong to want to cry when people treat it as though it were just a little hobby? Wrong to care? No, and no again. Some people may consider it a hobby, and I guess, until you start earning a (reasonable) living from it, you can understand that point of view. But what is a hobby anyway? Particularly in the arts, one man’s hobby is a another man’s career.

Wrong to be honest? Wrong to do what I have to do and be what I am? Time may come, when you have to realise that it is that the dream is never going to be fulfilled, but even then, if You derive pleasure from it, what’s to stop You continuing.

Wrong to be what I am? Not wrongness. Honesty.

And if I were a man would I get away with it? The perils and pitfalls of dreams and aspirations transcend gender. They affect us all.