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Hanna lingers in the dimly lit hallway in her sandals – her thick woollen jumper pulled over her bikini – chatting enthusiastically with the student ranger as she files paperwork in the single living, bed and office room.

A cold wind blows across the open landscape between the mountains. As Hanna pushes closed the hut doorway, there are a handful of people using the open washing facilities built on concrete stilts in the middle of the car park, between the two isolated huts.

Highland, Dark
A light in the night
The wind that blows
Standing; cold on your face.
Seeking; The warmth of home

Hanna sings the words softly, in the grey dusk of the Icelandic night. Working the tune in her mind she steps across the car park, and takes a path round the side of the other hut to where sulphurous water steams and rises. At the edge of the pool she slips out of her sandals, and pulls off her jumper – leaving them on the winter-weathered decking, before stepping down into the water.

The heat rushes through her body as she sinks slowly into the water, stretching her arms out and flexing her muscles.