And so, today, this journal, and the pages within reaches it’s first birthday!

A year ago on 12 February 2003, I plucked up courage, and on seeing this statement: Do I know you? If I know you, actually or virtually and you would like an account to log onto LiveJournal with, use for commenting and reading any Friends Only posts I make, hell, even writing if you fancy, please mail me for a code to set one up. in tinyjo‘s journal, I wrote (what now looks pathetically grovelling) an email, requesting the then required invite code.

Do you know me? Kind of… yes and no. Well we have met… I used to work with oxfordslacker in the Blackwell days and we met a couple of times a year or more ago at a summer party up Iffley Road and again at a Sarah’s wedding in Abingdon.

Jo, being the lovely person that she is, obliged, and so shepline was born. My first (successful) post can be seen here, and 404 posts later, we are here. Long may it continue…

See you all on the way to, and at the end of another year!

Happy Birthday shepline!!