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Helen stands alone in the troll’s chamber, her gaze darting back and forth across the room, as she tries to take in the studious, archival nature of the place. She sees something, and feels herself drawn to it, and crosses the room in obedience. On the top of a chest alongside a book of bound parchments within vellum casing, is a box.

She reaches out and strokes the intricately carved surface. Whale bone. Standing alongside the chest she looks down at the box, and slips open the lid. Inside are similarly carved whale bone tablets – rune stones – a half dozen of them. She lifts one out and feels the pattern between her fingers. This is it – what Gunnlaugr was looking for – had talked about. Helen bites her lip and quickly drops it back into the box, flicks back the lid and grabs the whole box up. She swings her rucksack round and manages to stuff the box down the side and shoulder her back once more before the troll returns to the room.