So what has 1st March brought me. Well, I missed my target to finish chapter two by the end of February, the novel is going well and standing at impressive 31,000 plus words. This morning was the most beautiful of late winter, early spring mornings, a thick frost and a golden light – it was actually a pleasure to drive in to work. Then again I am gifted with some very scenic country roads and pretty Oxfordshire villages on my journey.

I have figured out a bit more of what the cousins are going to do in the mountain hut, and how Helen is going to get off and do what she has to do for the troll people, now all I have to do is go off and write it! >_< On a geeky note, although I'm still failing to get the filters on my friends and archive sections working, I have now got my userinfo looking cool and embedded, here – thanks to tinyjo for access to her code for this… ^__^