Okay, here’s for the real test. It sounded good with chlorine filled ears earlier tonight in the swimming pool – and I’m saying it’s finished, but here it is. The question is, am I learning anything?

Song: Earth In Me
Performer: Hanna Katla Baldursdottir
Lyric: Thomas Shepherd & Hanna Katla

I put my hand out
I feel the pulse
The mountain stirs
Beneath my feet
Stillness; moonrise.

The Earth in me
The Fire in my soul
The mountain, it erupts, the
Volcano of my life
Of my life

Magma melts through me
My soul awakened
Rupturing below
The world beneath
Fissures; rock falls

The Earth in me…

In wake in sleep – dream
I feel the people move.
To me, they speak
Those people of–
Hidden halls; of old.

The Earth in me…