Okay, I’m trying to write Hanna Katla’s songs – she’s Icelandic, she sings in English and Icelandic, in a guitar rock-pop band a bit like these guys: ( Írafár ) – but I’m crap at writing songs! I need help! Is it like writing poetry but with music, or what?! What do you think of these attempts? Please comment honestly and as usefully as you can…

Open Your Eyes
Open your eyes
Listen to your senses
See. The journey you take.
Cast out your inhibitions
See what you’re meant to see

Open your eyes
Listen to the inner you
Open your eyes.
See the truth around you
See the lives, See the loves
That touch you.
Open yourself
To the world out there—a

Highland Wind
Highland, Dark
A light in the night
The wind that blows
Standing; cold on your face.
Seeking; The warmth of home