I have spent more much money than I really should’ve. But I have an excuse: I needed to cheer myself up after a morning spending money on new front tyres for my car and having my friendly neighbourhood electrician over to fix my shower (thankfully, and surprisingly in these days, it was fixable).

I had resigned myself to a today to standing around in garages and waiting in for electricians/wandering the isles of Homebase in search of a new shower. So when it got to two o’clock, with the sun breaking through the clouds and dafodils springing from the grass, I decided that I could revert to Plan A.

Stowing my pinhole camera into my bag with my digital and the leather bound notebook containing my novel (yes, I carry it with me everywhere!), I headed out into Oxford, shooting off my second film of pinhole fun and chucking it in the Boots one hour developing (more on this later ^__^), I then headed into Blackwell’s buying a couple of books as Mother’s Day present, and Saskia’s Journey by Theresa Breslin — hey, if you remember that I’m using my discount card, then this one works out technically as a freebie — pottered round the corner to collect my film, and here comes the real extravegance, got waylaid in HMV after finding that they had an offer on Krzysztof Kieślowski’s Three Colours trilogy on dvd. These are some of my favourite films of all time and are amazingly inspirational to my writing and I’d been wanting to buy them for ages, and now I have! he he ^___^

To round off the afternoon I broke my journey back to the park&ride in Summertown and stopped off to vist Vicky in her fab new flat for a coffee and almond croissant… ^__^