Today has been one of those days when not much has happened, but its been satisfying still.

I’ve had a couple of nice walks with the dogs – I’m gonna miss Sam and Barney, and I think they’re gonna miss me too. I’ve been and done my weekly shop (currently bagged up and ready to go in the bottom of the pantry) which included a bit for Mum and Dad when they get back. I’ve been to the farmshop and got some little plants and some seeds which I’ve potted up ready to take back with me. The sun shone for a bit and I had a read of my book in the garden, and in the summerhouse when the clouds came over and it got a bit cool. I’ve put the duster and polish round. I’ve just got the vacumn cleaner to go round.

Nothing more to my novel I’m afraid today, but I always new it was going to be a bit of a bitty day.

Bitty but satisfying. ^__^