My working day in music, as heard, no editing. This is what’s playing, ecletic as it is. Interesting maybe. Boring certainly. A little surprised it took The Beatles so long to make a show, and not so often. Certainly seem to be some intriguing juxtapositions. Placed behind a cut for your sanity and the length of your friend’s pages.

Mysterious Cities of Gold — Closing Theme
Norah Jones — The Prettiest Thing
James Marsters — Rest In Peace (from Buffy, Once More With Feeling)
Spin Sound — Retina (from The Captain Spin Chronicles, vol. 1)
Alexandre Desplat — Colours in the Clouds (from Girl With A Pearl Earring)
Madonna — The Power of Goodbye
Kylie — Butterfly
Catatonia — Shoot The Messenger
Enya — Anywhere Is
Amy Studt — Nobody
Madonna — Little Star
Birgitta Haukdal — Segðu mér allt
Melanie C — I Turn To You [Hex Hector Radio Mix]
Mike Oldfield — The Great Plain
Beth Orton — God Song
Enya — Orinoco Flow
Alexandre Desplat — Griet’s Theme [reprise] (from Girl With A Pearl Earring)
Benny Anderson/Tim Rice — The Deal (No Deal) (from Chess)
Madonna — I Deserve It
Kylie — So Now Goodbye
Zbignieu Preisner — Song for the Unification of Europe (from Trois Colours Bleu)
Lene Marlin — One Year Ago
Alison Krauss — It Doesn’t Matter
Diana Krall — Fly Me To The Moon [live]
S Club 7 — Reach
Dylan Thomas — From Beynon Butcher’s in Coronation Street… (from Under Milk Wood)*
Zbignieu Preisner — L’Amour au Premier Regard (from Trois Colours Rouge)
Maurice Andre — Concerto-Sonata in D major
Kylie — Spinning Around
Dido — All You Want
Catatonia — Part of the Furniture
S Club 7 — It’s Alright
Iain Matthews — Jumping off the Roof
Van Halen — Girl Gone Bad**
Stevie Nicks — Free Fallin’
Wet Wet Wet — Love Is My Shepherd
Avril Lavigne — Losing Grip
The Beatles — Hard Day’s Night
Alan Silvestri — It’s Clara (The Train, pt.2) (from Back To The Future 3)
Pakefield Middle School — The Lord is my Shepherd (from A Sweetness in the Air)
Vericle Derek — Carry On
Guided by Voices — Teenage FBI***
Zbignieu Preisner — The Beginning (from Trois Colours Blanc)
S Club — Bittersweet
Atomic Kitten — Don’t Go Breaking My Heart
The Corrs — Little Wing
Zbignieu Preisner — Song fro the Unification of Europe (from Trois Colours Bleu)****
Maverick Choir — Amazing Grace (from the film)
Mike Oldfield — Red Dawn
Peter Gabriel — Sandstorm
Amy Studt — All I Wanna Do
Írafár — Nýtt upphaf
Sugababes — Shape
Jean-Michel Jarre — Magnetic Fields II (from the Concerts In China)
Skunk Anansie — Secretly (from Cruel Intentions)
The Cardigans — Great Divide
Sinead Quinn — Don’t Speak
Beth Orton — Trailer Park
Avril Lavigne — Mobile
Hayley Westenra — Wuthering Heights
Peter Gabriel — The Promise of Shadows
S Club 7 — I Will Find You
Zbignieu Preisner — Catastrophe (from Trois Colours Rouge)
Amy Studt — Going Out Of My Mind
Mike Oldfield — Tubular Bells, pt 2
Hayley Westenra — Benedictus
Pakefield Middle School — Low’stoft (from It’s A Port)
Madonna — Gone
Robbie Williams — Win Some, Lose Some
Back To The Future — Overture
Clannad — Down by the Sally Gardens
Bare Jr. — You Blew Me Off (from Cruel Intentions)
Sugababes — Round Round [alternative mix]
The Darkness — Stuck in a Rut
Eric Clapton — Heaven Is One Step Away (from Back To The Future 1)
Björk — Crying
Mike Oldfield — The Wind Chimes [parts 1 and 2]
Norah Jones — Shoot The Moon
Beth Orton — Anywhere
Sigur Rós — Svefn-G-Englar

*Spoken word track — skipped.
**Random cycle paused here, to add a further eight albums.
***Random cycle paused here, for lunch.
****Point of interest, first reprise.

[a random selection of 1653 songs]