Abortion?: Should remain legal
Death Penalty?: Definitely not!
Prostitution?: I would hope that people wouldn’t need to, but if such is their wish…
Alcohol?: In moderation, yes please!
Marijuana?: Not tried, not interested.
Other drugs?: Hard drugs no, soft drugs? Legalisation is probably the best regulator
Gay marriage?: Marriage is marriage, it shouldn’t matter what sex/orientation you are.
Illegal immigrants?: Isn’t cultural diversity a good thing?! If they’ve got a good reason, they should come forward and be legal immigrants.
Smoking?: Never have, never will. Ban it public places.
Drunk driving?: Intolerable
Cloning?: Hrmm, grey area? Of whole people/animals, no? Organs for transplant? Worth investigating…
Racism?: Didn’t I say cultural diversity was a good thing?
Premarital sex?: What consenting individuals get up to in the privacy of…
Religion?: Not for me, but as long as each tolerates the other’s religious belief…
The war in Iraq?: Wrong. Immoral. Probably illegal.
Bush?: (see above)
Downloading music?: If the artists concerned provide the best websites, available music themselves, people shouldn’t need to go off looking for illegal stuff…
The legal drinking age?: 18
Porn?: No.
Suicide?: Hopefully society wouldn’t allow individuals get to the point where they consider it…

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