…and curse how slow a 56k dialup is!

My arrival in Edinburgh was speedy and straight forward although there was too much cloud as we came over the borders to see anything interesting. In fact everything was going so well that I should have expected something to go wrong. Thankfully nothing serious, but when I arrived at the Hanover Hotel they didn’t have me listed (although they did have a room for me). Anyway they assured me that there wasn’t a problem, but I couldn’t check in till 3 anyway, so I dumped my bags and went for a wander.

Diving straight for the old town I meandered around the royal mile and grassmarket, variously buying a lovely silver pendent (will post picture soon) and found one of my recommended restaurants Le Sept – and booked myself in for 7 o’clock – hmmn monkfish wrapped in bacon (so Vicky tells me).

A spot of lunch and a sit down later, and I headed back to the hotel, found my room, with a view across of New Town to Old Town and the Royal Mile, freshened up in a very powerful shower and headed have just worked out how to hook up to the internet. I’m now thinking of heading out again, and going for a wander before 7…

(more, and pictures later…)