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A walk in Stoke Wood this afternoon, and the bluebells were in glorious abundance. And the aroma of pollen in the air and honey lingering in the roof canopy. There is nothing that beats the smell of woodland in the lush new growth of spring.


It seems Ben has fallen in love with Hannah. I wasn’t expecting this however it seems to work. It also seems to cement my decision to have two characters with the names Hanna and Hannah – and Ben has relationships with both: with the former it is family, that of cousins, that of blood; and with the latter, it is understanding and desire, and love, and fire. The story is, at it’s core, a modern saga, with stories surrounding all the characters, with this environmental/magickal one at the heart of it all, pulling them all together.


But what of Andy? He’s checked himself into Snorres guesthouse, he’s lingering round Iceland after Helen, and even she doesn’t want him any more – how can I get rid? I had it in mind to kill him off, in a *Helen induced* accident, but what’s that to be? Hrmm…?!!!

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