Well it happened again. Driving home from work today — out of rain clouds and then past lush hedgerows, leafy trees and fields of rape coloured in that intense light that you get when you have brilliant sun on countryside set against the black of rain clouds — I started writing the current scene where Ben begins the wooing of Helen (which has been causing me some difficulty). It was good. It was perfect. I was driving.

I have now got new batteries for my dictaphone. Thing was it was buried at the bottom of my bag and the hands free for it was lord knows where… still in this instance the impertous still seems to be with me, and I’m sitting now in front of my novel with my iRiver and a glass of malt whisky. ^__^

It’s been a bit of a bitty evening. Made my dinner, and had a good homemade Shepherd’s Pie with the left over lamb from Sunday’s roast (yes, I do do roasts just for me *beams*!). I’ve printed birthday cards and posted them, I’ve tweaked the concert band’s next concert poster and dispatched draft two to those who care — I decided it needed a few minor modifications… so I’ve made the band a little less *ghostly* and toned down the red a wee bit (when I printed it, it actually looked a bit gorey, bloody, and violent – and since the title is Entente Cordiale I thought that maybe the massacre of the French in an English country wood is possibly not the image that we want to project…?!!

I’ve also burned off the cd of last Monday’s Front Row special with some music and packaged it up to despatch to siren_songs, washed up, and now … and now I can think about writing that wooing scene between Ben and Hanna…

Edit: Current wordcount: 39,498