Yup, you heard it correctly, I’m moving onto my sixth manager in Blackwells (now that I’m in my third department)… So that’s more managers than I’ve had years in the company?!! Okay, to be fair three of them were simultaneously, and #5 I always knew was going to be short-lived what with being in another country and all. And I only lost #4 because the department ceased to be, so it’s only really #3 that’s the blot on the landscape, and it’s no secret what kind of manager she was (hence the reason for me asking to be transferred away from…). Anyway, here we go with #6… ^_^


In other news I’m listening to Patrick Doyle’s soundtrack to Kenneth Branagh’s 1989 Henry V – I get to St Crispin’s Day and the only images that come to mind are my 1993 Honours Project vid that I made in my final year at uni – Home Movies – in which this music is used over-eccentric, interlectually-analytical landlady Mrs Chubbs sums up the integrating of the expressive systems, the means of production, and the death of the author…

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