I normally spend birthday’s with my folks – I’m very family-orientated in that way. However this year, dispite the fact that my birthday actually falls on a Saturday this year, me mum and dad made plans to spend the weekend with some other plans … and so I was left to my own devices. Now my normal Saturday would probably revolve around cooking myself a nice meal, doing some writing, and settling down with a glass of milk and/or hot chocolate and/or alcoholic beverage and watching a dvd – such is my life. On this night though, I decided early on that I couldn’t very well spend it all on my own with nout but my cat for company … and so I made plans…

More precisely I targeted a small but friendly crowd of friends and suggested (in the first instance the notion of doing something on this night) and then later, a meal out. Kim and Julian, friends from work (and Kim’s partner Jeremy) agreed to come along, as did Vicky – now also of work – but formally of last year’s Estonia holiday, and it was she that suggested cibo! in Summertown.

Shortly before seven this evening, Julian arrived to taxi me into Oxford, and we made our way to the restaurant. A little after 7.30, Vicky arrived, and then Kim and Jeremy (all the way from Chelterham, bless them!). We had a very nice meal, I chose a melon and parma ham starter followed by a lobster and scallop raviolli, a very nice tartufo nero desert and coffee and liqueur to finish.

Excellent food, excellent conversation, and excellent company. A very enjoyable way to spend one’s birfdy… ^__^