Went to see The Day After Tomorrow last night – my dad was going along since the press have been asking him and other’s in his field for reviews on it and the science within it. I went along for the entertainment and to see how Hollywood *does* the story that I touch on from another direction in Blood & Fire

It was over the top. It was a disaster movie.

Further more I fear that this film may do more harm than good in changing people’s minds over the need to act to avoid climate catastrophe in the future. This aside I did enjoy this example of Hollywood entertainment… though I do have reservations. I think it’s stretching credibility that bit too to have our lead walk from Philadelphia to New York City in blizzard conditions in the eye of a mega-storm?! Surely it’s danger enough to have him working out of a research facility on the west bank of the Hudson? And how did the wolves escape from central park zoo? They reminded me more of the attack of the velocipatures from Jurassic Park? And just how easy was that guy able to open the frozen up door?

I think I would have chosen to have a slightly longer (though still greatly accelerated) time-frame and dispensed with a massive tidal wave. Dangerous enough I think to have severe flooding, rapidly decreasing temperatures, freezing landscape – force people to live in their changed environment, not just flee from it. Still at least it did end up with an ice age, and no one managed to heroicly hold back the force of advancing glacier… ^_-

…and I did get to see trailers for Harry Potter III, King Arthur (with Keira Knightley as Guinevere) and Spiderman II!