I could wait no longer. Tonight I upped and went down to the Odeon Aylesbury to feast in over two hours of Harry Potter magic. It was great and, Hogwarts was, as the reviewers said, greyer, colder, more weather-beaten than before. I thought that when they said the film was darker and greyer than before they meant the lighting, but no, Hagrid’s hut is now on a remote outcrop, there’s this wonderful wooden bridge (kind of reminds me of the bridge of sighs) that runs between there and the school. The surroundings are tufts of grass and wild outcrops rather than the emaculate lawns we’ve seen before. I liked the new look – it somehow seemed more real.

After the originality of the Philospher’s Stone, I thought this was the best book so far, and I think this is the best movie of the sequence. Story-wise, they have left out an awful lot, however what we have left is tight and well-crafted, and it ties together much better than in the first two films. As you watch it, you don’t think, but what has happened to, rather at the end, you think, hrmm … maybe I’ll re-read it now.

A quick word on the actors. Emma Watson still out-shines her two fellow leads (though Rupert Grint comes a close second) and I do hope they stick with the same cast throughout – it’s fun watching them grow up. Malfoy and his two cronies have probably changed the most out of the young cast, but not in an unrealistic way, after all, this is school, with every year they are supposed to get older…

…and Dumbledore? To be honest I think I prefer Michael Gambon’s portrayal of the character than that of the late Richard Harries. All in all, the film, it was good. Great fun. Better than the first two. I enjoyed it.