The office explodes in shuddering light, that escapes as quickly as it came. All around the explodes in noise. The building seems to tremble the lights flicker and some equipment not on the backup circuit die before returning to their default settings.

Harry turns away from the computer and returns to the windows flanked by his two assistants. Johanns tugs on cords and pulls the blinds up. Black smoke pours from the top the story of an apartment building three blocks away. The flashing lights of emergency vehicles can be seen in the street below, swinging round the corner, sirens blaring.

“The storm is getting worse.”

Current wordcount: 41,262

As I wrote this scene, of the scientists, working late from their Reykjavik address, it occurred to me, how simple it was. Andy should die in a fire caused by one of these lightning strikes. Exactly what has caused these particularly violent storms are uncertain, but for him to die in a kind of environmental disaster seems somehow fitting…