Whilst searching high and low for a sealed envelope containing my left over Estonian money – needed ideally for my 48 hour zine idea – I came across a sheet of negatives in my desk draw, black and white ones circa. 1993… Even through the semi-opacity of the holder in the dark I recognised what this was straight away. I picked it up and held it to the light – yes! This collection of negatives is my missing film from the Cevennes and contains the sequence of *pizza pictures* that I have previously been looking (in vain) for…

This is particularly good news as the originals of this particular sequence (part of my 1994 final art show) were destroyed in the fire of 2001. Once I get the slide scanner back from my sister-in-law (I can’t imagine she’ll be needing it in the near future what with the impending arrival of my first neice/nephew) I will be able to reproduce this sequence.


On a related note, does anyone know if you can get matt or satin finish photo paper for inkjet printers?