It is completed – and with a few hours to spare. I’ve enjoyed it to, putting together, words, thoughts, drawings, and other found objects in a little booklet, putting aside the constraints of my computer and working with fingers, and pen and ink. I also have ideas for a follow-up, so, by this token this zine has been a success. ^__^

I shall try and make a couple of copies to submit to teawoodart tomorrow, but I may not be able to do this until my return from holiday on 24 June? Certainly further exchanges will be done at the end of June, at which point I shall arrange some way of selling(?) a copy to other interested parties. treasure_box, nevers, and sitonmykarma I know you are doing zine’s this weekend? Can I exchange mine for yours at least?

All in all, good fun. I feel good. ^__^

(and the weather’s gorgeous too!)