On today´s tour of Reykjavik – following on from the Open Air Museum, lunch in a revolving restaurant on top of four disused water towers, a tour of the bus station (for research purposes) – I have now wandered into the University district (just across The Pond from Old Town Reykjavik. Anyway sitting in air conditioned sumptuousness of the National and University Library I´ve found an internet terminal on which to check my email (I´m expecting an email from an Icelandic friend), and since I´ve paid IKR 200 for half an hour´s access I thought I would share this gem with you…

On Wednesday, turning up from the harbour, I passed a school, outside of which there were a dozen or so kids dressed in costume with red balloons doing some kind of choreographed routine. I thought at the time that this was something to do with the Independence Day celebrations last Thursday 17 June. Yesterday I discovered it was not.

Fresh from a swim in the pool and an excellent sculpture garden and house, I got off the bus at Hlemmur onto the main street to be caught up in a parade. Leading the parade were children dressed as fairies, fire-eaters, and waving couples from or on very nice old cars. Following this were some carts filled with soap/sheep smelling sculptures about two feet high and sculpted like giant chess pawns, these were pushed by whistle blowing children.

Following this were the elven-warrior-maidens, runing forward and freezing, running forward and freezing again (don´t worry I have pictures which will be appearing in the soon to be published travelogue) – and so in time they led to an empty shop front/gallery. In time the sculptures were carried in to fill the floor to create this

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